Countries That Have Legalized Escorts

We are sure that the topic itself would have put a smile on your face. If you are ever planning on a bachelor trip, then it is better to go for these countries, and you know the reason why. On the contrary, if you are planning for a family trip, it is better to avoid these countries. It is a sad fact that there are only a few countries in the world that have legalized prostitution. We can consider them as countries that have forward thought.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those countries where prostitution is legal since 2003. There are a few laws that they need to follow. Every agency and every brothel center that is functioning there is licensed and certified by the government.  There health and employment laws that they need to follow. A progressive government that this. We really do not think so.


The country is not just famous for cricket and kangaroos. It is also famous for good looking escorts. But the thing is that it differs from state to state. So when you are hiring an escort in Australia make sure that it is legal in that state.


Austria is one of those countries where there are proper regulations for prostitution. Every escort whether it is a teen or a mature one has to go through a medical checkup to make sure that things are safe. They also need to pay taxes. In spite of all these things, there are trafficking and forced prostitution.


Some might even think about where this country is. It is one of those countries where there is a very poor economy and hence people had to rely on some of these kinds of activities to meet their daily needs. But as per experts advise it is not safe to hook up there in Bangladesh for various reasons.


Belgium is one of these countries where you can find a lot of escort agencies and Belgium escorts are also one of the most preferred ones. The country has taken this decision to reduce sex crimes, and it has really worked out well.


The Brazil government is very supportive when it comes to prostitution and escorts. It is said that the taught many languages to the native escorts to provide services to customers during the world cup time. Remember the fact that the country is not just about football.


Whether there is prostitution or not, this is one country where people love to settle. Legalizing prostitution is another feather in the cap for the country. It actually became legal in 2014. But in many states that there are a lot of flaws in the regulations.


France has one of the biggest pool of escorts. France legalized prostitution in the year 1945.  You can find a lot of high profile escorts in France, and the escorts in the country are making huge profits.

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