Physical Features Of Women That Would Turn On Men

Let us accept the fact that men are a bit weird when it comes to sex and getting aroused. All of sudden they will get a boner and the best part is they don’t even know how that happened. A small spark is all that is needed to raise things up.

In most of the cases, there has always been some captivating visual that would be the reason for them getting turned on. It is a widely accepted fact that men get turned by certain features in women which you can find in most of the Birmingham escorts from the Birmingham escort agency. In this article, we shall see what those are.

Bright eyes

Many ladies might find it difficult to accept. But it is a fact that the first feature that men notice in a woman is her eyes. So if you are feeling that you are spending too much time to put the perfect makeup for your eyes do not worry. Every second that you spend is worth it. There are a lot of men who have openly stated that the first thing that they found very attractive in their partner is the eyes. So a perfect eye with a sharp look is all that it takes to attract a man.



Eyes might be the first thing that men notice. But subconsciously (consciously) the second thing that men notice is the breasts. The answer to the question of why men are so interested in breasts still remains a misery. If there is a girl or women who have a stunning pair of breasts, it is very hard for a man not to have a glimpse at them.


A woman or a girl with a perfectly maintained waist and a navel with flawless skin will definitely grab the attention of a lot of men. As said earlier men are a bunch of weird creatures when it comes to sex. Even though the majority of men like small waists, there are also men who have different preferences. Some like women who have some flesh in their waists.


A piece of advice to all the women out there. If you are confident that you have a good pair of legs, never hesitate to show them off to the world. Men love a woman with a good pair of legs. A stunning and perfectly waxed leg is a great turn on for most of the guys.


It is ok to be yourself and not to change for anyone. But if you are willing to get some attention from the guys there are a few things that you should have. The size of the boobs is not in your hands, but having a waxed leg and maintaining a perfect waist can be done. If you are thinking that are men so particular about these features? Yes, they are. For example, if you look at some escort websites like Birmingham escort agency they have all the options like breast size, ethnicity and a lot more so that they can provide the best Birmingham escorts.

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