Today there are more ways than ever for people to take pictures of themselves, their families, friends, or the beautiful scenery that surrounds them. If you are a photographer, a great way to expand your lens is to travel. A lot of photographers like to take pictures of locations while on assignment, or they like to go out and photograph things around them while traveling. Here s what to carry along in your travel painting kits.

Palette – The first item you should have for a travel painting kits is a palette to store all of your supplies and keep your brushes protected. It can come in a roll or in a hard case. Pick the type that will store all of your paint and supply with you.

Brushes – You want to have plenty of brushes to cover all of your painting techniques. There are so many different types, sizes and shapes of brushes available today. My recommendation would be to get at least three sets of brushes. These can be an all-in-one set of sticks, soft synthetic bristles, and the stiffer brushes that you use for layers and intricate details.

S brushes – These are small brush that is great for blending and general working on layering. S sticks are often covered in glue to make them easier to use. They are often used as brushes for art activities or for painting larger paintings.

Scratching pad or pads – Another great accessory for your travel painting accessories is a sketching board. I like to bring along a sketching pad or notebook to use for my sketches and doodles. I never know what ideas I may stumble upon while on a hike or bike ride. Not only will your sketches give you ideas for future projects, but they will also serve as a reminder for your day-to-day tasks at home. A sketch pad or notebook is an invaluable tool for both the artist musing.

Digital Camera – This may seem obvious, but if you plan to take pictures at certain times of your trip, bring your digital camera. You’ll be able to take pictures of key locations or scenes. If you don’t want to take pictures, at least bring a digital sketch pad with you to work on sketches and landscapes.

Palette and sketchbook – If you plan to do your own hand painting, then bringing along your own palette and sketchbook is essential. Get some good brushes and sketchbooks to use, along with your travel mug, tube of nail polish and water to clean your palette. I prefer to keep my palette in my car, but if you travel like I do, then a small notebook will do. Bring along an empty pantry or backpack to store your supplies.

Travel Bag – This may seem obvious, but bring along a travel paint set to keep all of your supplies together. Your palette, sketchbooks, brushes, etc. should all be in one place. You can easily get lost when painting outside and there’s no way to know what color to use without samples. Keep your paint set together and ready to go so you don’t run into any difficulties while traveling.

Travel Brushes – Make sure you bring along some quality brushes to use for your sketches. It’s very easy to grab a cheap set of paint brushes that won’t last long. I prefer to have a couple good quality brushes to use on new paintings I make. Having different types of brushes available can make painting a lot faster and easier.

Oil Paint – One of the most important things to remember about traveling is to bring along your oil paints. You’ll be using oil paints to capture the true depth and vibrancy of the image you’re trying to create. Not only do I bring my oil paints with me, I also have several different kinds to choose from. The best thing to do is to have an oil paint palette in your car that you can open and fill with paint whenever you get the urge to paint.

A Good Mix – If you’re taking an extended road trip, then bring along some sds. Sds is an oil painting medium that is usually sold in sets of twelve. There are usually around six different sds available when you purchase your oil painting materials at a craft or art store. Having sds with you will ensure that you have plenty of paint with you for the entire duration of your trip.

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