The Dr Ayad Aesthetics Clinic provides a variety of nonsurgical and surgical treatments for men and women who are looking to improve their appearance. Patients seeking non-surgical cosmetic procedures can pick from a wide range of procedures including facial fillers as well as endolift. The clinic also provides hair transplants.

Dr Ayad Harb specializes in non-surgical treatments for aesthetics.

Dr Ayad Harb, an ophthalmologist from Oxfordshire, specializes in body contouring and facial plastic surgery. He is a prominent opinion expert in UK aesthetics and has extensive experience. He also works as a trainer for top cosmetic filler companies and provides precise and delicate cosmetic enhancements that carry the least risk.

The procedures are minimally invasive and require no downtime. He has a variety of treatments that are non-surgical, and will work closely with you in determining the best treatment option for your needs.

He also offers facial fillers.

Dr Ayad Harb is a renowned consultant plastic surgeon with private clinics in London and Bicester. He has perfected his skills in facial plastic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic treatments. His expertise ranges from liposuction to body contouring. His minimally invasive procedures produce excellent results with minimal scarring. He also offers BodyTite an effective body contouring procedure.

Dr. Ayad is friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. His practice is secure and clean. The staff and Dr Ayad create an environment that soothes anxious patients. Dr Ayad and Sarah offer expert treatment and are highly skilled in what they do. They are the top!

aesthetics Ascot offers endolift

Dr. Ayad’s Aesthetics Clinic offers endolift surgery to improve your appearance. The clinic provides a range of plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. The doctors at this clinic have years of experience and can give you the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

The Endolift procedure is a result of laser energy injected into the deeper layers of your skin. Laser energy is targeted to reduce cutaneous looseness and to restructure your skin. This procedure is quick and safe and can address the contouring of your body and face. It can also be applied to other areas of the body such as the lower and upper eyelids as well as the neck.

He can also provide hair restoration

If you’re looking to get great hair again It is best to invest in top quality hair care products. This will protect your hair from environmental toxins and damage while stimulating hair follicles to grow. You can also undergo treatments such as hair transplantation that is one of the most effective methods to restore lost hair. You should consult an expert in hair restoration before beginning any treatment to ensure that you are able to determine the best option for you.

The Dr Ayad’s clinic provides an array of aesthetic treatments for patients suffering from hair loss. There are a myriad of options for surgery, ranging including traditional methods to minimally invasive radiofrequency therapies. This clinic has years of experience and has a track record for providing safe and precise treatments.

He offers non-surgical rhinoplasty

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be an option to improve the appearance of your nose. A doctor will use a combination of dermal fillers and Botox in this procedure to create an attractive appearance. It can take between 15 and 30 minutes, based on the amount of Botox or filler employed. The procedure is fast as well as safe. Dr. Ayad has performed more than 2,000 procedures a year.

Dr. Ayad uses the most recent techniques in non-surgical Rhinoplasty. He is famous for introducing the 3-point Rhino(r) which was the first live rhinoplasty performed on British television. The procedure was featured on the BBC1 show The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery. He is the leader in the field of non-surgical rhinoplasty, and his results have been published in world’s top plastic surgery journals.

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