Qualifications needed to become a HGV driver

There are numerous advantages to having you become an HGV driver in the UK. HGV training can help you increase your earnings as well as provide job security. Once you’ve got your license and you’re eligible, you can apply for a variety of jobs.

First you need to pass the theory test. This test consists of 100 questions of multiple choice. Afterwards, you must successfully complete the practical test that is an assessment of your driving abilities. It is common to score 85% on the theory test and 67% in the practical demonstration.

hgv training for an LGV Cat C+E (Class 1 HGV) driver in the UK

For a long time, the job of the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver has been in need of more employees. The industry is short of workers due to poor working conditions and low hourly pay. The good news is that the industry is working to improve its image and attract new talent. This is done by offering flexible working hours with competitive salaries and high cash incentives.

The Cat C+E LGV driver’s licence is an option that is rewarding for a career. After you’ve obtained your licence you can choose to work independently or through an agency. You can also boost your earnings potential by taking an advanced training course.

The career prospects for a driver of Cat C+E of a Cat C+E LGV are excellent

Drivers of Cat C+E LGVs have to be confident and calm on the road. They must be able to tackle problems. Drivers should be able work alone as the work can be extremely demanding. Drivers can also travel to foreign countries and different parts of the country.

A career as a Cat C+E LGV driver can be very rewarding. You’ll earn a good salary and have numerous opportunities to work. You’ll be able to travel between distributors and suppliers loading and unloading vehicles, and you’ll also be traveling. As you gain experience the amount of money you earn and the responsibilities you have will grow. To drive a vehicle that weighs more than 750kg, you will need a Class 1 license. However, the salary is often higher.

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