There are a variety of options in Turkey for having your hair cut. We’ll be discussing some of them in this article, including ClinMedica, Estetik Clinic and Este Favor Clinic.

Este Favor Clinic

The Este Favor Clinic is a JCI A++ certified clinic with highly trained professionals who specialize in hair transplant surgery. The team here is dedicated to getting the best results for patients suffering from hair loss. The clinic offers a consultation for free and will perform two or more procedures per day.

Este Favor Clinic is a clinic with high rate of success for patients looking to have hair transplants in Istanbul. The Sapphire technology is employed to create natural-looking results in the hair transplant center. You can also have hair transplantation done without shaving.

Heva Clinic

Heva Clinic, a top-notch clinic for hair transplants in Trkiye (Turkey) is the place to go. specializes exclusively in hair transplants and provides both short-term and long-term solutions. You can expect fast results because of their innovative methods for increasing density. The clinic provides a no-cost hair analysis.

The cost of a hair transplant will depend on several factors including the reputation of the surgeon. The cost of hair transplants is higher for established surgeons than for younger or less experienced ones. Also competition between clinics can impact pricing. While certain clinics are more expensive than others in Turkey, they often lack the same quality of service focus on detail and technological excellence. It is important to be prepared.


The procedure for hair transplants in Turkey could range between USD 2010 to USD 4390. This involves the transplantation of hair follicles into areas of hair loss. This treatment is perfect for those who want to regrow their mane or suffer from hair loss. You can have hair transplants performed by strip surgery, follicular units extraction, or a combination of the two.

ClinMedica’s doctors are extremely skilled in hair transplantation. They can communicate with patients and also speak English. They also offer patients needle-free anaesthesia, which significantly reduces pain and discomfort during the procedure. During the procedure, the clinic has nurses.

Estetik Clinic

It is important to choose a hair-transplant clinic because the surgeon’s skills and knowledge will determine the success rate. A skilled surgeon can provide a natural, healthy, and beautiful head of hair that is not artificially enhanced. It is important to keep in mind that some clinics have highly trained Indian surgeons who perform the procedure, which makes the price of hair transplant surgery more expensive.

Estetik Clinic is a top-quality medical clinic that has received numerous awards for its high quality of treatment. They specialize in performing hair transplants using the newest techniques. Their founder, Op. Op. Bulent Cihantimur is a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon with more than 20 years experience. The clinic is staffed by highly skilled staff that uses the most advanced scientific equipment to achieve outstanding results.

Natural Hair Turkey

The renowned Este Favor Hair Transplant Clinic offers hair restoration treatments that utilize the most advanced techniques and technologies. It is the first to pioneer exclusive healthcare in Turkey. The clinic makes sure that patients have hair with natural texture and density. Dr. Balwi, a prominent hair transplant surgeon in Turkey and exclusively for the clinic. He has more than 15 years of industry experience and a good reputation.

The cost of hair transplants in Turkey depends on the skill and experience of the surgeons. More highly-rated surgeons are more likely to charge higher fees. Some clinics also use highly-trained Indian doctors and charge more. Selecting a reputable clinic is essential, since quality outcomes depend on the surgeon’s expertise.

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