When it comes to art, there are many ways to create a masterpiece. In painting there are three main ways to create beautiful artwork and still get your point across. There are still other ways, but the main three will give any aspiring artist the tools they need to express themselves creatively. You can have the best of both worlds, but I always tend to lean more towards the painting tool my tools are missing. The following is what carry inside of every good painting kit. Read on below for more information and links to each product.

BOTFLY – My favorite way to express my creativity with my brushes, and the best part about these is they can go everywhere I go! There is not better way to travel with paint then with a briefly. To use a briefly simply place it over your face and bring it down slowly till it contacts your skin with the surface of your skin. Botesflies like water and can help you create some wonderful water color paintings.

PILGRIM HANDLE – An accessory that every artist should have is the pilgrims handle/handles. This accessory is my “must have” for painting. You can use it to paint in a multitude of ways and its small size and shape makes it very easy to take anywhere. Pilgrims handles make quick draws easy, they allow you to have control over where your brush goes and help you paint in layers.

TIPPI – For those who have a love for using oil paints, you can’t go wrong with a Tipi. These are thick paints made with pigment from natural materials. They are generally made to be long lasting and hard wearing. Tipi’s come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and are great for working with colors and techniques that you may not have tried before. When using mini’s for the first time, I usually mix a small amount of paint in with the paint so that I have a little extra for a smooth blending.

PILGRIM HATPI – These hats are very useful and practical when you travel on vacation. They come in many styles and colors, making them perfect for any type of painting. Many painters that travel will use hats such as these to prevent their brushes from getting dirty when traveling. The material of most hats is generally cotton or some type of polyester cloth, making them very easy to clean.

TANKING – Another essential piece of equipment for most painters is a good canvas carrier. Canvas carriers come in many different styles and colors. Some are large and can hold several paintings while others are more streamlined and are designed more for convenience. A good canvas carrier is very sturdy and provides ample protection for your painting tools as well as a place to store your paintings while on the road. Some paintings can become damaged by extreme temperature changes and having a carrier that can protect your painting while traveling is very important.

MICROPHORESTROY – Most people have seen micrometers on wine bottles and other similar products but they are useful in much more fields than simply wine bottles. A micrometer is a device that measures small quantities of objects and is used in the home, art and business. If you plan on traveling or painting at exhibitions these are highly recommended.

It is extremely important that all of your equipment to be safe and ready before you begin any traveling and painting assignments. I encourage all of my students to invest in travel kits of some kind so that their entire painting studio, including their brushes, canvas, oil paintings and anything else for their paintings is ready to go when they leave. I also encourage my students to invest in carrying cases that have enough padding so that their tools do not bounce around and damage any of their precious artwork. In the end, having prepared and carried everything needed to successfully complete a painting before you begin travelling and painting will most certainly pay off in the form of a successful and enjoyable journey.

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