Star OUTiCO, a market-leading provider of digitally enabled commercial services for the pharmaceutical industry and part of the global Uniphar Group, has unveiled the brand’s new identity. The company works in partnership with Uniphar Group, one of the largest and most innovative healthcare and pharmaceutical groups in the world, to assist its clients in making an impact on the market in a rapidly changing world. It is crucial to stay up with the latest developments in a changing world, including the COVID-19 regulation.


Star OUTiCO Outsourcing Pharma has been the leader in the market for digitally-enabled commercial services for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is part of the Uniphar Group and recently launched the brand’s new identity. The new branding represents the commitment of both organizations to improving client engagement at every stage of the commercial lifecycle. The new brand is the result of a substantial investment in digital capabilities, such as the AXiOM platform, which collects real-time information from various sources.

Star OUTiCO Outsourcing Pharma has locations in the UK, Ireland, and Europe to offer a full range of healthcare services. This comprehensive, omnichannel approach to pharmaceuticals allows companies to improve accessibility, boost sales, and increase brand awareness.

Star Medical

Star Medical Outsourcing Pharma, an outsourcing firm that offers full-service services, works with a variety of pharmaceutical companies in the UK. The company offers many opportunities for advancement such as executive and graduate posts. It has a strong international presence with teams in the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Leading players in Europe’s pharmaceutical contract sales outsourcing market (CSO).

The outsourcing of pharmaceutical contract sales market in Europe is extremely consolidated, with only a handful of major players ruling the market. The major players in the market are focused on mergers, acquisitions and expanding their product portfolios. Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency of the leading players in the market are NiSiPharm GmbH and Star outico Outsourcing Pharma.

This market is controlled by the following main segments: cardiovascular disorders metabolic disorders, neurology and oncology. Outsourcing is becoming more popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to the high cost of production and the necessity to be flexible in operations.

Digital capabilities

Star OUTiCO Pharma offers a wide range of digital capabilities that aid the marketing and sales of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Smart solutions and data-driven strategies from the company enable companies to make better business decisions. The multidisciplinary team of the company brings a unique mix of expertise and experience to produce results.

In the beginning, companies must identify unique sources for value in disease areas. Once they have identified these, they can define their most important initiatives. These initiatives should be focused on addressing two or three specific use cases. One such initiative may be the creation of a digital ecosystem to support patient adherence to a drug.

Global presence

Star OUTiCO is a leading provider of digitally-enabled commercial outsourcing services to the pharmaceutical industry. It is a part of the Uniphar Group which has global operations. It has been working with pharmaceutical companies since the year 2017. Star OUTiCO focuses its efforts on helping pharmaceutical companies improve their commercial performance and to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing pharmaceutical landscape. The company has teams across the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

The outsourcing of sales contracts for pharmaceuticals market is highly concentrated in Europe, with a handful of leading players dominating the market. They make use of mergers and acquisitions aswell expanding their product portfolios in order to increase their presence in the region. Star OUTiCO, NiSiPharm GmbH are some of the most prominent players in the market.

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